The O’Brien family has owned and run Pleasureland as an indoor Fun Fair and Amusement Arcade since 1975. Before that however, the family and their ancestors were Travelling Showmen and Circus performers who entertained across the country. The third generation of O’Briens now look after the business and continue to provide laughter to continuously new generations.

Read their story below…

Many years ago, James A O’Brien, brought up as a travelling showmen met Vivienne Rosaire, a circus trapeze artist. As in all the best stories, they fell madly in love and courted throughout the years of the 2nd World war, with James serving abroad as a Sergeant. Needless to say their love survived the war and they married in the most glamorous of wedding ceremonies, one which included snakes, elephants and tigers as guests as well as a military sword salute from James’ army friends and colleagues.

The couple went on to have 3 children, the eldest James (Jimmy) and twin daughters Alison and Vivienne. After some years of travelling as a family with their fairground, they decided to settle in Arbroath and set up an under cover fair. It was their love of the town that finally put an end to their lives on the road and they named it Pleasureland. Over the years Pleasureland has literally provided pleasure to thousands and thousands of local people and tourists visiting Angus and since it started it has seen many changes in terms of the attractions on offer both with the Fairground Rides and in the Amusement Arcade. It has also seen three generations of O’Briens take the reigns of the business and add their influence to what’s on offer. As a result, there is a great mix between the sights, sounds and smells of a traditional fairground like Candy Floss, Dodgems and contemporary features such as the new Bungee Trampoline, up to the minute Fruit Machines and Arcade Games. Indeed there is something for everyone at Pleasureland.

The year 2005 sees the 30th birthday and with that, a refurbishment and new rides. So if you haven’t been for a while, it’s about time you sampled what’s on offer.